Why are you running? Brittanye Morris

This is a new “Why are you running” series for me.

Brittanye Morris is an attorney running for 333rd Judicial District Civil Court. She is a late challenger to Democrat Judge Daryl Moore. According to the Houston Bar Association Judge Moore is the highest ranked Judge in Harris County with an overall score of 69% (see below). He was elected to the bench in 2016 and as far as I can tell has performed well for the citizens of Harris County which brings me to the question for Brittanye Morris: Why are you running?

Every candidate challenging an incumbent should be prepared to answer the question, Why are your running?. It’s a fair question and there just might be good reasons to force a member of your own party, in good standing, to spend resources to run. What has Judge Moore or any incumbent done to compel you to put your life on hold and run a campaign? Many candidates can’t answer this question.

Besides answering the question Morris is not raising money, has no website, Facebook page, or anything that shows she is trying to win.

Would love to know why she is running. I have asked.

One Response to Why are you running? Brittanye Morris

  1. Anonymous says:

    Why are your running?. It's a fair questionNo, it's not. It's meaningless nonsense.

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