Raising Campaign Cash: Judge Lesley Briones and Judge William McLeod

Judge Lesley Briones is the incumbent of the Harris County Civil Court #4. Briones was appointed to the position by the Harris County Commissioners Court after Judge William McLeod declared, a couple of months after being elected to the seat, he was going to run for the Texas State Supreme Court. Unbeknown to Judge McLeod, his declaration, by law, made him ineligible to continue to hold the position.

Judge McLeod has since abandoned his quest for the Texas Supreme Court deciding instead to attempt to win his seat back from Judge Briones. Based upon his lack of understanding of the laws of of the State and his fundraising numbers he has an uphill climb.

Briones has a decisive edge in fundraising totals and cash on hand with $73,110/115,366 respectfully. McLeod has raised $6,890 with $16,148 COH.

Judge Briones has performed the job well and deserves to remain in the seat.

Candidate Raised Spent COH Loans
Judge Briones $73,110 $30,853 $115,366 $0
Judge McLeod $6,890 $9,183 $16,148 $0

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