Raising Campaign Cash: Commissioner Pct 3 Candidates

Michael Moore leads the field in money raised and cash on hand. I could not find any reports for Zaher Eisa. It just boggles the hell out of me. How can you possibly run a race for County Commissioner if you cannot or will not raise money? Money isn’t everything but you cannot get your message out if you do not have funds for literature, exposure, etc.

Commissioner Pct 3
Michael Moore $199,052 $209,391 $13,248 $0
Kristi Thibaut $45,761 $51,180 $4,536 $5,000
Morris Overstreet $15,925 $17,950 $2,025 $0
Diana Martinez $6,507 $9,425 $1,013 $0
Zaher Eisa $0 $0 $0 $0
Erik Hasson $0 $750 $4,442 $4,442

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