Texas GOP votes to have their COVID Convention in Houston

6000 ignorant republicans all crammed into the George R Brown Convention Center during a raging, out of control, pandemic. What could possibly go wrong? The Texas Republican Party executive committee voted 40-20 to continue with plans to hold an in person convention which means 1/3 of the executive committee is beginning to think with their heads instead of their nose.

Maybe some of them read about Herman Cain, the former GOP presidential candidate, who is now hospitalized with COVID after attending the Trump foley in Tulsa. Or maybe they read that their leader, Greg Abbott has finally realized he screwed up the reopening of Texas and is now requiring the wearing of masks across the state. Or maybe they just finally pulled their heads out of Donald Trump’s ass and smelled the virus.

Not only will 6000 delegates meet in the convention center, many will pay to attend an elegant gala, or a luncheon with elected officials, and others will attend training sessions such as “How to avoid being labeled a racist“.

The Texas GOP also voted to put the following rules in place for all attendees:

  1. Wearing a mask is mandatory even if wearing a hood.
  2. Social distancing will not be allowed. It is not needed.
  3. Remember the virus is a hoax. Act like it.
  4. If you are sick do not come to the event.
  5. If you are poor, do not come to the event.
  6. If you are Latino, do not come to the event.
  7. If you are Black, do not come to the event.
  8. If you are a person of color, do not come to the event.
  9. If you are a police officer, do not come to the event.
  10. If you are a teacher, do not come to the event.
  11. If you are Muslim, do not come to the event.
  12. If you are not racist, do not come to the event.

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