Fort Bend Sheriff Troy Nehls is why we need police reform

Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy Nehls is running for Congress in Texas CD 22 a diverse community in the Sugarland area. He is a perfect example of why we need police reform and why he should never be allowed to step foot onto the floor of the United States Congress.

The recent senseless killing of George Floyd by 4 policemen has raised the issue of racism and police reform to the center of the presidential debate. One of the issues being discussed is how a law enforcement officer could be fired and then be re-hired by another law enforcement agency. Troy Nehls is a great example.

Nehls was fired from the Richmond Police Department. He is now the Sheriff of Fort Bend. How in the world can this happen? Nehls should have been banned from law enforcement not elevated. Compound this with the fact that his department was caught profiling Latinos in speed traps

Nehls is now running for Congress. He is a living example of why police reform is desperately needed in order to protect the public and to protect law enforcement officers.

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