Calling for the resignation of Houston City Councilman Greg Travis

City Council Members
Houston City Council
Houston, Texas

Reference: Calling for CM Travis to resign




CM Travis racist and inappropriate comments on Facebook towards women and people of color cannot be ignored. 


This is no longer an issue about CM Travis. We now know exactly who he is. He has told us. Now it is time for you to tell us who you are and whether you will tolerate his racist remarks and take no action. Over the last 5 years racists across the country have responded to the dog whistles from our elected officials and more and more are coming out with racist comments because there are no consequences for their actions. Now one has come out on City Council. That needs to stop. Now!


I hope you will demand his resignation even though he will not, then demand an apology even though he has refused, then censure him, and then remove him from his committee assignments. This will send a strong, clear signal to anyone running for city council that racism and inappropriate comments will not ever be tolerated. Not know. Not ever.


For the so called “conservatives” on city council, let me remind you that racism is not a conservative value. Neither is making fun of a disabled person, or having sex with a porn star while married, or calling elected officials childish names, or lying, cheating, stealing. Over the last 5 years conservative values have been left in the gutter with excuses like “I don’t agree with his racist comments, but I like my 401K” or “I don’t agree with his racist comments, but I like how he advocates for the dog shelters”.  If you call yourself a conservative, then act like one, for once. 


Due to term limits many of you have nothing to lose calling for his resignation, except your dignity. Others will have to answer for their lack of action during endorsement screenings next year. How will you respond to the question “What action did you take when confronted with a racist in City Council?”. 


As a father of a successful professional daughter who is a woman of color I am extremely upset about CM Travis comments. I sincerely hope you will start the new year right by taking decisive action and demanding Councilmember Greg Travis to resign. I also hope you will respond with what you intend to do.




John Cobarruvias

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