My outdoor covered patio paid for by USAA

We just completed an outdoor patio. The contractor did a GREAT job! If you are in the Clear Lake area and are interested in his contact information email me at His crew was fast, very professional, and the results are fantastic! So how did USAA get involved? Glad you asked.

Ceiling fan, lights, power for a TV.

Paving stones, stones around the base

Last year USAA raised my home insurance from $4000/year to $5000. I have been with USAA for over 25 years so it was difficult to leave because I believed they would always take care of their members of the Armed Forces. I was wrong. I eventually found a better policy for $3000/year and I also switched my cars to GEICO for another substantial reduction. 

When I joined USAA they created a Subscribers Savings Account for me. Periodically they would send a check from this account during years of low activity. Members do not put money into this account, USAA does. Mine grew to over $14,000 after 25 years. Six months after I left USAA sent me the balance of this account. I used it to buy the USAA patio.
So raising my rates by 25% was actually a good thing. In a strange way.

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  1. […] balance of this account to you after 6 months. At that time mine was one $12,000. I gladly left and built a patio in the back yard. If you are currently a USAA member you might want to call them and ask about your […]

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