Qs running for CCISD board?

Back in 2010 tea party members invaded the CCISD school board. The results were not pretty. Instead of level headed decisions based upon data they made short sighted, knee jerk decisions which eventually cost the district. 

Today the tea party has been replaced with members of Qanon, an extreme right wing of the extreme right wing tea party. They call themselves “Conservatives” with “conservative values” such as family values, fiscal responsibility, accountability, law and order while posing with Donald Trump who porked a porn star, created a trillion dollar deficit, abused the legal system, and incited riots. This is Q. This is what the Republican Party has become.

CCISD already has 2 members of Q on the board. Both doing what they do best, disrupt and destroy. Attend a board meeting and you will see what these people are doing. They act like this is a game. They base decisions on feelings and “owning the libs” instead of using facts, data, science, and accounting principals. Three are currently running for the board which could end in yet another disaster for CCISD, students, and teachers. 

They call themselves “Conservatives” but they are Q and in Qrazy.

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