Tx Gov Greg Abbott advises parents of school kids on COVID: Don't Look Up.

Greg Abbott’s lack of leadership on the COVID crisis is simply breath taking.

After the epic mismanaging of the COVID crisis Greg Abbott has only one option when it comes to advising parents when returning their kids to school, don’t look up. Just keep your head in the sand, don’t believe the statistics, don’t believe the doctors, and whatever you do do not believe the experts. Just send your kids back to school and let’s see what happens.

Greg Abbott had a once in a century opportunity to lead Texas through this crisis. All he had to do was to listen to the experts in the field, watch the statistics, and work with the leaders of the community to keep our state open while doing it responsibly. Instead he followed trump and politicized the crisis pitting Texans against Texans. Based upon stupidity he tied the hands of County Commissioners, Mayors, and School Boards prohibiting them from taking action to protect their community and kids in school based upon science and the experts in the field.

Because of Greg Abbott’s childish stupidity 76,000 Texans have lost their lives. He may not be responsible for all of the deaths but he contributed to it. All he had to do was to lead, listen to the experts, and act like a gdamn adult.

He didn’t. Just like trump.

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