Raising Campaign Cash: Lee Merritt for Texas Attorney General

Lot’s of socialist money being poured into this campaign. 

The socialists of America has figured out a way to infiltrate the Democratic Party by running in deep, deep, deep, blue districts such as in Hays County (Austin). They pick and choose just a few candidates unlike what they did back in 2016 when they adopted the “Run Everywhere, Lose Everywhere” approach. From an early post:

Out of 80 candidates endorsed by , only 7 won. 2 were incumbents in deep blue districts. 1 was unopposed.  4 were all in very blue districts wiping out their general election opponents. It’s not like they were endorsing in tough competitive states like Texas, although those that did, lost. All of them. One raised over a $1 Million and lost 70-30 in the primary.

It looks like they have picked Lee Merritt to run in Texas for AG. Texas is far from being deep, deep, blue. It’s a possible swing state if that. In his latest report Merritt raised a total of $404,615 which is pretty good for a primary. $185,333 are unitemized. More on that later.

Of the remaining 2146 donations of $219,281 that were itemized, only $70,085, 31%, were from Texans. $149,196, 69%, came from out of state donors. $60,751 came from donors from California. $22,298 came from Real Justice PAC a socialist Organization based out of California. Real Justice raised $25,880 with $21,445 coming from cash donations, which is hard to believe. I’ve written about Real Justice before:

According to the Texas Ethics Commission Real Justice PAC has raised $298,050 with $200,000 coming from one individual, Cari Tuna from San Fransisco. Only $10,200 came from Texans, and only $600 came from Harris County.

About that $185,333. Merritt listed unitemized contributions of $185,333. According to the Texas Ethics Commission all donations over $90 must be reported as well as all donations submitted electronically. So this $185,333 must be donations of $90 or less and in cash. That is a lot of cash.

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