Raising Campaign Cash: State Representative Dennis Paul HD129

Dennis doesn’t seem to be too smart when it comes to fundraising.

According to the Texas Ethics Commission he only raised $61,870. 60 donors provided $49,760 of this total with an average of $843 per donor. 109 donors provided just $11,730 donating between $18 and $350 for an average of $107 per donor.

For someone who can easily cruz to victory Paul seems to enjoy wasting his donors money. Of the $61,870 raised he spent $32,516 on ads, $12,780 on Overhead, and $6798 on fundraising expenses for a total of $52,094 leaving him a balance of $13,367 Cash On Hand with a looming $111,000 loan.

Lucky for him he has no serious challenger.

NOTE: Dennis is a suck up. He likes wearing his ill fitting NRA hat at the polls as if that will get him any more votes. Last year he took a trip to Washington DC and stayed at the Trump Hotel.

Suck up.

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