Raising Campaign Cash: Insurrectionist for School Board, Julie Pickren

Yesterday I posted about CCISD Trustee, Scott Bowen, supporting a Trustee from Alvin ISD who attended the Jan 6 insurrection. According to Phil Archer of KPRC she attended the insurrection on Jan 6.

In one of her Facebook posts, she described singing God Bless America outside while some of the protesters forced their way into the capitol building, alleging the false claim that the rioters were actually ANTIFA members, not Trump supporters.

Pickren is being funded mainly by two Republican Oligarchs, State Representative Money Mayes Middleton and failed congressional candidate Kathaleen Wall. According to Pickren’s latest campaign finance report she raised $36,000 with $20,000 coming from Wall and $5000 from Money Mayes. Pickren also has some far right extremist PACs supporting her run for school board.

This is just who we need on the State School Board, an insurrectionist.

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