How to curb gun violence that NRA cowards will never agree to

So while the NRA bitches meet in Houston this Friday to devise ways to pass laws to further erode our rights to living in peace here are some common sense ideas to curb this stupidity.

1. End open carry. We need to return to “if you are armed, you are dangerous”. No one needs to walk around with a gun strapped to their hip. No one needs to carry a loaded assault weapon in the open and if they do they should be considered dangerous and dealt with accordingly.

2. Return to true conservative values and treat your guns like your dick. Don’t talk about it. Don’t play with it. Don’t compare it to others. Don’t walk around holding it in public.

3. Control assault weapons. If you want an assault style weapon then store it at a gun range not at home. Want to move? Have it shipped to your new gun range. If you want a fully automatic machine gun, then buy it and have it shipped to a gun range. These weapons should NEVER be in the public.

4. End Permitless carry. If you want to conceal carry, take a class, apply for a license. Do it responsibly.

5. Lead. Our elected officials need to lead and tell people that violence is not the first resort to solving problems. Stop glorifying gun ownership. Owning a gun is not a fuckin game. Guns are dangerous. Stop shooting guns in you campaign ads. That is not responsible. That is just plain stupid. Start being a leader and start acting like one.

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