The Houston Astros strike out on the Uvalde massacre

HOUSTON, TEXAS – AUGUST 14: Members of the community of Uvalde, TX attend the game as the Houston Astros host Uvalde Strong Day before the game against the Oakland Athletics at Minute Maid Park on August 14, 2022 in Houston, Texas. The Astros are busing in 500 members of the Uvalde community and have distributed 2,500 additional tickets. (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)

Let’s give credit to the Houston Astros for bussing in 500 members of the Uvalde community for a “Uvalde Strong” baseball game. It was a nice gesture to the grieving community.

I’m probably a minority on this but the Astros could have, and should have done more. The cost of their Uvalde Strong event is a drop in the bucket to the Astros organization. They could do this event after every mass shooting in the United States and still be profitable but it’s not about the money.

The Astros could have used the opportunity to tell the Uvalde community, and all communities across the state that they will do whatever they can to prevent spending another nickel on consoling those affected by gun violence. They could do more than a moment of silence. They could do more than hitting a homerun for a fan.

They could demand action from Greg Abbott and the NRA party. They could hold a moment of silence for 21 minutes before each game to honor those who were killed in Uvalde. Let the fans and the entire Astros organization stand for a full 21 minutes for every single goddamn game until Greg Abbott calls a special session to address gun violence. They could stop donating to candidates that refuse to address the issue. They could use their voice to demand action instead of their wallets to feel good about themselves. They could make a strong stand and truly honor those whose lives have been lost and those whose lives have been changed forever.

Thanks for the baseball game, Houston, but you wiffed on this one.

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