Texas Senator caught sending form letters to mass shooting victims families

There is only one thing worse than a Texas sized, tuck tail and run, sniveling coward of a weasel. Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

I hope the Houston Astros win the World Series this year so I will have the opportunity to boo the living shit out of Cruz when he jumps on the Astros bandwagon riding on top of a firetruck during the parade. As I have said in the past, if Ted Cruz was at the Alamo he would have been the first to have jumped across the line in the sand and run away leaving his own people to die just like he did during the 2021 Texas Freeze Out. He is a Texas sized coward. He is a filthy human being, even worse than trump.

As an example of what a filthy piece of garbage he is, here is a letter he wrote to the family of a child who was killed in a mass shooting. In the letter he says “XXXX was an engaging young woman who brightened any room with her love and compassion.” It’s as if Ted knew who she was. He continues “Her smile and creative spirit have made an impact that will be remembered…” as if he personally witnessed her creative spirit.

In reality Cruz had never met her. He knew nothing about her. Instead of doing something to honor the child by calling for legislation to prevent another mass shootings he had the balls to send her family a fuckin form letter and a goddamn flag. Cruz shouldn’t be a Senator or a human being.

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