Uvalde parents are not giving up. Most Texans have.

NRA Bitch Dennis Paul

Parents of the children killed in the Uvalde shooting are not giving up and are demanding accountability for all the good guys with a gun who stood in the hallway afraid of the 18 year old bad guy with a gun killing kids. From the San Antonio Express:

The parents and family of Robb Elementary school shooting victims Jackie Cazares and Uziyah Garcia are currently sitting outside the Uvalde CISD administration building in protest of what parents are calling inaction from the school board. 

I can’t imagine what the parents are going through. Many of us will not forget Uvalde. Or Santa Fe, El Paso, Odessa, Sutherland or any mass shooting under Greg Abbott’s watch. Unfortunately most Texans and all republican elected officials have moved on. They have provided thoughts and prayers. They have passed legislation to protect guns and bullets instead of protecting girls and boys. The Houston Texans wore Uvalde stickers on their helmets. That was the least they could do. Literally. The Houston Astros gave away tickets to a game to wash their hands of the massacre. Everyone has moved on.

Except for the parents. They are demanding accountability from those who allowed their kids to die. In November voters will have the opportunity to stand with Uvalde, besides just wearing a goddamn “Uvalde Strong” t-shirt, and hold those accountable that provided easy access to the weapons used in the mass shootings in Texas.

Unfortunately Texas republicans are cowards and will not call for action and take on the NRA. We will see if Texas voters are cowards in November.

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