BREAKING: Greg Abbott funneling weapons to Mexican Cartels.

Greg Abbott is morally crippled. After 19 nine year olds were slaughtered by a gunnut with an AR-15 Abbott has refused to do anything about gun violence or at least try to make it harder for someone to buy a military style weapon, hundreds of rounds of ammo, body armor, and a silencer.

Now according to The Guardian, Abbott’s love for guns and his policy of access to guns has made it easy for Mexican Cartels to arm themselves at the expense of Texas children.

Mexican foreign affairs ministry legal adviser Alejandro Celorio Alcántaraestimates that half a million guns annually are purchased legally in the US and then brought into Mexico illegally. About 70% of guns seized in Mexico from 2014 to 2018 and submitted for tracing had originally come from the US, according to officials with the American bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives (ATF).

It is clear that Abbott and the Republican Party will not change their minds about easy access to military weapons even after the El Paso shooting, the Santa Fe shooting, Odessa shooting, the Sutherland Church shooting, and the Uvalde shooting. His love for guns and making money selling them to Cartel members is greater than his love for his own constituents.

The only person more pathetic than Abbott is the person who votes for him.

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