Raising Campaign Cash: State Representative Dennis Paul

Just call him PAC man.

Dennis Paul can’t raise money worth a damn so he looks to outside of his district and to PACs for the bulk of his money. In 2022 Paul raised $117,520 and continues to have a $111,000 outstanding loan. Of the $117,520 only $23,860 came from his own constituents leaving $93,860 or 80% of his entire fundraising for 2022.

Of his total donations $69,000 or 58% of his entire fundraising came from Political Action Committees including $2500 from a Charter School PAC, $5000 from the Farmers Employee and Agent PAC, Texas Land Title Association PAC, and USAA Employee PAC for $2000.

This is Dennis Paul. As much as Paul loves the NRA there are no recent donations from any gun nut organizations, maybe by design. He has scrubbed his page of all NRA pictures.

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