How to fix the Republican Party Part I: Stop lying

One thing Donald Trump taught the Republican Party was the art of lying out your ass.

It’s getting old and voters are beginning to realize that, like Trump, the GOP is full of shit every time they open their pie hole. It worked in 2016 but in 2022 it grew tiresome and the election in November showed it. Eventually people get tired of the lies whether it is about immigration, the economy, foreign affairs or a dangerous pandemic. It just gets to the point that no one is going to believe you anymore except for the MAGAt, ignorant base.

Lying is not a conservative value. It’s not what we teach our kids to do. Kids know there will be consequences if they are caught lying. So get back to true conservative values like your good book says “Thou shall not lie”. (While you are at it you might want to read the other 9 commandments.)

Members of the Republican Party claim to be “conservatives” but true conservatives don’t lie, every, single, fuckin, day, over and over and over. No one likes a pack of liars. So just fuckin stop lying.

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