How to fix the Republican Party Part VII: Stop demonizing Mexicans

The bumper sticker to the left was actually being sold at a Colorado gas station.

The United States allows immigrants, who surrender themselves to ports of entry, to legally enter the United States and remain in the US if justified. There are others who enter the United States illegally by other means.

Unfortunately the Republican Party has targeted these individuals, no matter if they entered legally or not, as terrorists, rapists, and drug dealers (sound familiar). They do this because it works. It rallies the gun toting nut jobs. It encourages them to drive to a Walmart on the border and shoot the invaders, killing men, women, and children. They encourage hatred towards immigrants, specifically Mexicans, or anyone who looks Mexican. But you don’t hear them focus their hatred towards Cubans, or Germans, or others who enter the United States illegally.

This isn’t by accident. The Republican Party runs on immigration. Every fucking election they are whining about immigration. They have no serious solutions and have never proposed serious solutions because they do not want to solve the issue. If they did what would they run on? What would they blame Democrats for? They can’t run on abortion anymore, or family fucking values. The Party has been in power in Texas for over 20 years and haven’t moved one inch closer to solving the immigration problem.

Here is an idea. How about focusing your hatred and guns towards your donors? How about hating the very people who are hiring illegal workers to build houses, cook food at restaurants, and provide other services. If your damn donors would quit hiring the workers, they wouldn’t come here to work!!!

The leaders of the Republican Party are making the immigration problem worse and they are getting people killed. We have an immigration problem and we need common sense, intelligent, leaders to fix this problem. We don’t need a bunch of racist assholes using immigration as a campaign stunt. Do your party and the country a favor, grow the fuck up and fix the *oddamn problem.

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