Now the GOP is against lying? Representative Elect George Santos.

After 6 years of supporting Donald Trump as he lied on a daily basis the Republican Party is now shocked that one of their candidates for Congress lied about his heritage, his education, his job, and his entire life. Shocked my ass. None of them are calling for Representative Elect George Santos to resign.

Santos pulled a Trump on the congressional district in New York. He lied about being Jewish, about working for Goldman Sachs, and about graduating from college and it worked. He flipped a blue district in New York. Even Fox News was outraged, but not enough for them to call for his resignation. In fact no Republican has called for his resignation. None. Zero. Zip.

Republicans hate to admit it but they are nothing but a pack of liars. George Santos is a liar. He represents the party very well alongside of Donald Trump. The Republican Party has no bottom to morals, hypocrisy, cruelty, honor, or integrity. These are just words to run on. How can anyone ever trust an elected official when they lied straight to your face on multiple fronts?

For republicans it is easy. It’s what they do. They live on the lie. They support liars. They win on lies. Today they continue the Big Lie about losing elections. And they continue to support the biggest liar in American history, Donald Trump.

Now they have another liar to admire. Welcome to the party Congressman Elect Santos.

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