Spending Campaign Cash: George Santos (or whoever he is)

George Santos won a congressional seat in New York. George is a liar. A trump style, big, fat, fuckin, liar. He is a perfect Republican representing his republican district very well. Republicans are just liars or have no problem with those who do lie.

Not only is his many lies concerning his background, religion, work experience, and much more is under scrutiny, his campaign finance is also under review by the Federal Government. Downloading his expenses for his run for Congress shows some interesting expenditures:

  • Over two years Santos spent about $2 Million
  • $13,400 was spent on Uber
  • $7399 was spent in increments of $199.99 just a penny short of having to have receipts. This included payments to Uber, Airfare, Office Supplies, hotels and others.
  • $26,000 for legal services. (More probably will be needed)
  • $40,000 on airfare
  • $29,000 on hotels
  • $5600 on gasoline
  • $176,000 on fundraising expenses
  • $28,000 on food and beverages
  • $10,900 for apartment rental paid to Cleaner 123

On the surface this doesn’t look unusual except for the $199.99 expenditures. I am sure the Feds will be looking for receipts which will require more money for legal services.

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