Unpaid fines issued by theTexas Ethics Commission

The vast majority of sanctions issued by the Texas Ethics Commission end in a small fine, a slap on the wrist, and a promise from the candidate not to do it again. Rarely does the TEC issue a substantial fine. Rarely. Not never. Occasionally they give the candidate a specific amount of time to pay the fine before sending the sanction to the Texas Attorney General for collections.

In 2022 the TEC issued 46 Final Orders of these only 5 have not paid the fine. Eric Dick was fined $30,000 along with a $6000 fine against Philip Bryant who was in cahoots with Dick. Doni Anthony was a candidate for Mayor and was found to have converted campaign funds to personal use by paying herself a salary. She has not paid the fine as of the latest records from TEC.

I’ve asked for a list of sanctions referred to the Attorney General for collection. More on that later.

Outstanding sworn complaint fines issued in 2021
SC#RespondentAmount unpaid
SC-31912186Eric Dick$30,000 
SC-31912187Philip Bryant$6,000 
SC-32009187, 32010205, 32011255, 32101103Matthew D. Wiggins$1,000 
SC-3210482Glen Johnson$2,500 
SC-3210491Doni Anthony$7,500 

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