Raising Late Campaign Cash: Alexandra MAGAt Mealer

Losing candidate Alexandra MAGAt Mealer filed a campaign finance report on 1/12/23 with donations from her usual supporters.

Mealer raised $356,684, spent $621,482, and has a Cash on Hand of $188,512. Of the $356,684 74% came from just 11 donors. Her biggest donors are the usual, Mattress MAGAt Mac gave $72,000, Fertita Tillman gave $25,000, Robert Marling gave $50,000 as did Ira Mitzner.

Since my last report on 11/19 many of these individuals gave last day donations including another $72,000 by Mac, and $50,000 by Marling. In all, Mealer spent nearly $10 million in her losing effort for Harris County Judge. She has enough for a down payment on her legal fees to cover her frivolous election denying lawsuit. Here is the list of the top donors from her 1/12/23 report.

MAGAt Mattress Mac$72,000
Robert Marling$50,000
Ira Mitzner$50,000
Fertita Tillman$25,000
Carlos Deaidecoa$10,000
Jamie Frain$10,000
Executive Catering$10,000
Murray Bowden$10,000
Jack Modesett$10,000
David Modesett$10,000
Wayne Gross$10,000

One Response to Raising Late Campaign Cash: Alexandra MAGAt Mealer

  1. […] $200,000 came from 2 donors Alan Hassenflu and Richard Weekley who also donated to another loser, Alexandra MAGAt Mealer in her attempt to unseat Lina […]

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