SausageFest of League City Council to vote on book burning tonight

The members of the diverse city council of League City will use Valentines day to vote on the resolution that will create a book burning committee for city libraries.

The book burning craze has infected League City. The so called “conservatives” of the council voted on a resolution to begin the book burning last council meeting. A modified version of this resolution comes in front of the board tonight. It’s not like there are citizens carrying torches and pitchforks calling for action. In fact it’s only a small group of extreme right wing individuals lead by City Councilman Justin Hicks, his wife, Deborah Hicks, a couple of church members, and CCISD Trustee Scott Bowen.

At the last meeting, by a slim majority, the men of City Council (there are no women on Council, or people of color) voted to approve the resolution lighting the fire of the book burning pit. Members of the community including conservatives, teachers, librarians and others numbering a total of 53 spoke against the resolution. Only 10, some outside of the district, spoke in favor, all of them were not on the list to speak.

The motion passed on a 4-3 vote. Tonight they will light the fire. The meeting will be live on the City website. View it here.

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