Last day to drop out of the CCISD Trustee election. Who will? Who should?

Today is the last day to drop out of the CCISD Trustee election. 5 individuals have applied, 3 for District 2 and 2 for District 3.

If Michelle Davis would drop out, the race will be between 2 very good candidates, Glencora Rodgers and Jamison Mackay. I have heard really good things about both of them and the debates would be interesting and very competitive. After one term on the Board Davis has made her mark of following the antics of Scott Bowen. She nominated Bowen for all positions on the board, losing all of them. But something is happening. Bowen has been fishing around looking to back one of the other candidates enticing them with his with his party’s support and unlimited money. So far he has been turned down like a sophomore at a Jr/Sr prom.

If either Glencora or Jamieson drops the race will be a race about contrast between doing what is best for the students, parents, and teachers and what is best for partisan politics.

In District 3 Peter Lauzon really should consider dropping out of the race. He is Scott Bowen’s hand picked candidate who will be flush with outside partisan money. They will spend whatever it will take to get Lauzon on the Board and give the gavel of the President to the Khaos Kid. Lauzon has no business being on the board. He is a highly partisan party candidate and will be nothing more than a Bowen vote. He has shown absolutely no interest in education. He has absolutely no experience in education. He is a UFO, Unfit For Office, and should drop out, and move on supporting his political party.

Running a campaign is tough especially when your heart is not in it for the right reasons. It is stressful on you and your family even more so when partisan politics gets involved in a non-partisan school board race.

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