CCISD’s new book challenging policy. What the hell is this?

Usually I start blog posts with a comment that is full of wit. Today I have no wit to give.

CCISD Scott Bowen, (Corporal Chaos) seen here grinning like a 12 year old under the bed covers watching porn, must have a perpetual woody over the new CCISD book challenging policy although I bet this isn’t exactly what he is expecting.

According to the Galveston County News CCISD voted unanimously on a book challenging policy:

“With the vote, parents and community members can challenge any instructional or library book they believe violates a new set guidelines, which include examples such as promoting or endorsing race or sex stereotyping or race or sex scapegoating.”

According to the GDN this new policy came about partially due to the new law that Bowen drooled all over banning CRT. CRT (Critical Race Theory) is an elective class taught to those seeking a PHD. It has never been taught in any school in CCISD because it is an elective class taught to those seeking a PHD. (It really is that simple) But that didn’t stop Bowen and the Republican Party from pushing a bill banning CRT much like they intend to ban Differential Equations being taught to kindergarten kids.

There are a lot of questions to be asked about this policy that deserve answers. On one hand this was a unanimous vote. I trust most of the board members to do what is right for the school district and to follow the law. Their hands might be tied by Greg Abbott who believes in local government, as long as he controls it. On the other hand it bothers the crap out of me to see language such as “promoting or endorsing race or sex stereotyping or race or sex scapegoating.”. What the living hell is that?

I bet there won’t be a swarming mass of parents combing through the library to find that one book that warrants pearl clutching, but I do believe the Korporal Khaos Klan has already targeted specific books and will send their purity police to keep the new review board busy for quite some time. For most parents they will be more concerned with their kids doing their homework, getting to school on time, attending their kids soccer games, enjoying the great education that is provided by CCISD, and other activities normal parents do.

Let’s review the details of the new policy and get input from those who know what they are talking about.

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