OMG! Even more whining from the republican losers. It’s becoming embarrassing.

When did the party of Lincoln and Reagan become the party of whiny, little, sore losing, bitches?

Yet another huge loss for the Republican Party and all they can do is whine like Donald Trump, the Harris County Republican Party, local losing candidates of CCISD, losing republican candidates (all of them) in Harris County and more.

Now comes the Trump supported loser, Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Dan Kelly, who got crushed in his election for Wisconsin Supreme Court by Milwaukee County Judge Janet Protasiewicz. It wasn’t close but on cue Kelly began his whining embarrassing whiny little bitches across the country. From Politico:

Kelly acknowledged his loss on Tuesday evening, but savaged the now-justice elect in his concession speech.”I wish in circumstances like this, I would be able to concede to a worthy opponent, but I do not have a worthy opponent,” he said, calling Protasiewicz’ campaign “beneath contempt” that launched “rancid slanders.” He said she would damage the integrity of the court.

This whine does not age with time. Trump is whining about being indicted stemming from porking a porn star and laundering campaign funds. The losers of the 2022 midterms in Harris County are whining about losing, again, and have filed frivolous lawsuits. We had massive whining right here in the Clear Lake area by two losing candidates for trustee. One resulted in a withdrawn, failed, lawsuit, and another resulted in a withdrawn candidate from a board meeting.

So much for the Party of Lincoln. How about the party of embarrassment. BTW the American Association of Whiny Little Bitches has filed suit against the Republican Party for defamation of character.

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