Raising Campaign Cash: CCISD Elections

Campaign finance reports have been posted on the CCISD Elections website. The next reports are due 8 days out from the election on May 6. All candidates have filed their reports. Some notes:

  • As expected Peter Lauzon is being financed by an extreme right wing political action committee of the Republican Party. Of his $7278 in donations $5000 came from the PAC, $2000 is a personal loan, and $278 came from 2 individuals. You can read the details here.
  • Glencora Rodgers received a large donation from the same PAC. She returned it. (good for her) I have included her statement below. Glencora received a $7000 donation from her husband’s fence company and has a $2000 personal loan.
  • Arturo Sanchez as personal loan of $950.
  • Jamieson Mackay raised $3750 from small donors.
  • Partisan politics has no business in local school board elections. None. At. All.

Here are the totals for each candidate:

District 2
Jamieson Mackay3750105126980
Glencora Rodgers5200980734732000
District 3
Arturo Sanchez485540651883950
Peter Lauzon7278275751350

From Glencora Rodgers:

I mistakenly took money from an outside group early in my campaign. I returned it because I want the people of our community to know my only loyalty is to them only. I’m a mom and an educator; not a politician. My brief stint in this world has shown me I certainly don’t want to be one. I believe in talking to anyone & listening to everyone. I want people to know- I am a believer in public education and the important role local neighborhood schools play in strong communities. I spent my whole career working with at-risk youth & trying to give them hope first & then skills. I was born without my arm & understand the importance of teaching kids to look at someone’s inner self & gifts. I am an experienced educator with years & levels of experience. These things don’t always fit in a partisan box. There’s so much common ground as it relates to students/schools to add a non-needed partisan divide. I’m humbled by the support of individuals who are trying to get to know the candidates and choose the right person to help govern the district. I have met so many wonderful people who passionately care about our community. I pray every morning for God to give me strength to do His will. I am motivated by love & service. Thank you.

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