What the f*ck is wrong with you? Tennessee

Six Christian human beings lost their lives due to easy access to guns and what does Tennessee republicans do? Nothing. Just like Texas. Nothing.

You just have to ask the question. What the fuck is wrong with you? Instead of addressing the fact that 3 young children and 3 adults were slaughtered because of easy access to guns, Tennessee republicans act like a bunch of Texas sized cowards (literally) and do nothing. Actually they did more than nothing. According to CNN:

Two Democratic members of the Tennessee House of Representatives were expelled while a third member was spared in an ousting by Republican lawmakers that was decried by the trio as oppressive, vindictive and racially motivated.

Protesters packed the state Capitol on Thursday to denounce the expulsions of Reps. Justin Jones and Rep. Justin Pearson and to advocate for gun reform measures a little over a week after a mass shooting devastated a Nashville school.

After the shooting Tennessee officials made it a point to note that law enforcement was quick to respond and kill the shooter unlike the cowards in Texas at the Uvalde shooting. Unfortunately the quick response was no match for someone with an assault weapon and 3 Christian children were killed along with 3 Christian adults. Tennessee must be proud.

So instead of making it harder for mentally ill people to have easy access to guns the Tennessee republicans expelled 2 Black members of the Tennessee then kissed the NRA’s ass. Again. This is just plain racist.

Six Christian human beings were slaughtered in a Christian school and all you can do is expel the two Black guys who are trying to stop it from happening again. It’s clear you are not Christians. You are not humans.

On this holiest of holy weekends, let’s ask Tennessee, Jesus, What the fuck is wrong with you?

One Response to What the f*ck is wrong with you? Tennessee

  1. cigarman501 says:

    South Carolinian here, you can add us to your list. We continue to defend the 2nd. Amendment with the bodies of our children.

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