Greg Abbott to pardon open carry killer.

if you are wondering if you can shoot and kill someone walking down the street with an assault weapon, the answer you seek is coming from Abbott. According to the Houston Chronicle:

Sgt. Daniel Perry, 35, was convicted by a Travis County jury for fatally shooting 28-year-old Garrett Foster during a July protest in Austin. Perry has not yet been sentenced; he faces a minimum of five years or as much as life in prison. 

Foster was exercising his “god given” right to walk around at a protest with a military style assault weapon. It wasn’t loaded and the safety was on. That didn’t stop Daniel Perry from pulling out his handgun and killing him. Witnesses to the event testified that Foster did not point the weapon and did not threaten Perry. The event was triggered by Perry driving into the crowd of peaceful protesters, including Foster who was exercising the rights given to him by Abbott.

Now Abbott has instructed the Board of Pardons and Paroles to immediately review the case and recommend a pardon for Perry based upon “stand your ground” laws even though the jury, who heard testimony showing there was no stand your ground issue, convicted the shooter. So what Abbott is saying if you see someone carrying an assault weapon and fear for your life, then you can just shoot him, claim stand your ground, and get a pardon.

This is good news. Who wouldn’t draw on someone carrying an assault weapon? What if they are kid killers? What if they are Khristian killers? Why should you take a chance? Abbott is telling us to shoot first, claim “stand your ground” later.

This is what Dennis Paul and Greg Abbott has brought to Texas. Because of these two individuals Foster lost his life and Perry lost his freedom. 19 children lost their lives in Uvalde. 8 kids lost their lives in Sante Fe. 26 Christians lost their lives in church. Now Abbott is telling us that you can shoot someone legally carrying an assault weapon, just in case.

What a fucked up human being. What a fucked up state.

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