Vouchers. Subsidizing rich kids with your tax dollars.

If you pay $2300 in school taxes, why should you get $8000 in school vouchers?

And who do you think is going to make up that $5700 difference? LOL. You know the answer to that. Vouchers is just another step towards privatizing our public school system, guaranteed by the Texas Constitution. There are no good reasons for school vouchers. None. It is nothing but a give away to the rich who can afford a private education.

What bothers the crap out of me is that according to Abbott someone can take their kid(s) out of public school and put them into a private school with the help from tax payers. Using my taxes as an example, I only pay $2300 a year in school taxes, but could now get a hand out from tax payers, an extra $5700 handout to send my kids to a private school. These private schools include Muslim schools, Catholic schools, any religious school or a charter school.

If you are not wealthy you probably do not know how much a private school costs. Even with a handout of $5700 there is no way I could afford a private school. In fact the vast majority of parents could not afford a private school. This voucher scheme is nothing but a tax payer funded give away to the rich who want to send their kids a private school and you are going to pay for it.

It just doesn’t make cents. Literally.

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