More partisan political money infiltrating CCISD elections

From Peter Lauzon’s mailer

There is nothing worse than lying, whining, hypocrisy, and partisan politics invading CCISD elections.

We knew this was coming. One of the candidates running for CCISD Trustee, funded by 2 billionaires out of the Dallas area and the Harris County Republican Party, has released a mailer not only attacking his opponent (which is against the agreement he signed) but dripping with hypocrisy and right wing talking points.

The only person running, funded by a political party, is Peter Lauzon. He is a former Executive Committee member of the state Republican Party. His wife is the VP of a republican club. He has been caught on tape praising his buddy Trustee Scott Bowen on CRT issues and taking over school boards by his party. He has been caught on paper with disturbing views on our Gay community and public schools. His party has cut education funding. He supports vouchers, as state in his party’s platform. He is an election denier.

AND YET HE WANTS TO “KEEP POLITICAL AGENDAS OUT OF OUR SCHOOLS”? Are you kidding? Lauzon’s mailer and campaign is funded by the Republican Party and Defend Texas Liberty a right wing PAC funded by two billionaires featured on CNN. They are funding extreme right wing candidates across the state in an attempt to take over school districts. The cost of the mailer has not been reported by Lauzon or his party but it is probably in the $6000 range. He has raised only $503 from the district. And yet he wants to keep political agendas out of our schools?

Lauzon’s mailer also attacks his opponent against the Code Of Fair Campaign Practices which he signed and filed with CCISD. No other candidate running for the CCISD Board is being funded by outside money. No other candidate has attacked their opponent. No other candidate is bringing their party politics into our schools. Only one. Just one. Peter Lauzon.

Filthy partisan politics does not belong in our schools. Hopefully voters will see through this incredible hypocrisy. Read more about Lauzon in Keep Partisan Politics out of CCISD.

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