Texas Governor Greg Abbott issues a Texas Style Back to School Supplies list.

August 8, 2022

This should be satire.

It’s that time of year. Kids are about to return to school and supplies are needed. Here is a list of much needed supplies in today’s violent Texas climate. Besides the usual paper, crayons, etc, there are a few items that are a must to make sure your kids actually come home, courtesy of Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

Kevlar backpacks. Nothing works better, besides common sense gun safety, than a kevlar backpack to stop a bullet from an AR-15. Amazon has a number of backpacks just for kids.

Bleed stop. Bleed stop is a first aid powder for blood clotting. It could be used on yourself, if you are able, or your classmates. The packet slips easily into your bullet proof backpack.

Fake Blood. One of the surviving students in the Uvalde shooting smeared herself with the blood of her classmate and then played dead. A bottle of fake blood could be used, instead of putting your hand onto your classmates bleeding body. Simply pour over your head and face then play dead. A small bottle is enough for the entire class!

Bullet proof tablets. A tablet with a bullet proof backing is a must. They are easy to store and readily available when confronted with an 18 year old with an assault weapon.

#2 Pencils. Even your everyday supplies could be used for protection. A sharpened #2 pencil could be use to stab the 18 year old with an assault weapon.

This should be satire but it’s not. Texas is a safe haven for unrestricted gun ownership. Greg Abbott and State Representative Dennis Paul have not and will NEVER restrict the rights of an 18 year old to buy a military style AR-15. They have done nothing and will continue to do nothing to protect our lives even after 25 Texans were slaughtered in El Paso, 8 kids were killed at Sante Fe high school and 19 children were slaughtered in Uvalde. They love guns more than they love our children.

So, either stock up on Greg’s Abbott’s back to school supplies and quit complaining or vote these sick bastards, Greg Abbott and Dennis Paul, out of office.

Raising Campaign Cash: Insurrectionist for School Board, Julie Pickren

May 6, 2022

Yesterday I posted about CCISD Trustee, Scott Bowen, supporting a Trustee from Alvin ISD who attended the Jan 6 insurrection. According to Phil Archer of KPRC she attended the insurrection on Jan 6.

In one of her Facebook posts, she described singing God Bless America outside while some of the protesters forced their way into the capitol building, alleging the false claim that the rioters were actually ANTIFA members, not Trump supporters.

Pickren is being funded mainly by two Republican Oligarchs, State Representative Money Mayes Middleton and failed congressional candidate Kathaleen Wall. According to Pickren’s latest campaign finance report she raised $36,000 with $20,000 coming from Wall and $5000 from Money Mayes. Pickren also has some far right extremist PACs supporting her run for school board.

This is just who we need on the State School Board, an insurrectionist.

CCISD Trustee Scott Bowen using pics of kids in re-election mailers

April 1, 2022

This is not cool! Not sure if it is illegal, but it certainly is NOT cool!

Imagine receiving a mailer from someone like Scott Bowen, someone who you do not support for re-election to the local school board, and finding a picture of your daughter or son on the mailer. Yeah. That is NOT cool. I’m a bit surprised that the printer did not question Bowen on whether he had permission to use the images.

That is what some parents have woke up to. Bowen sent out a mailer that not only included a picture of kids but also members of the CCISD board and others, many, I would bet, do not support Bowen. He did not get permission from the parents to use their imagine in his advertisement or his social media accounts. Some parents have already called him out on this:

Mr. Bowen, as a parent of a student at XXXXXX, I’m concerned about your use of student images in this post. I gave permission for my student’s image to be used by CCISD, but I did not consent to their image being used in support of your campaign. I respectfully ask that you remove all images containing students from this post.

This is the kind of behavior Bowen has brought to the CCISD Board. It’s like he is above the law, the rules do not apply to him, or he just likes to push the envelope because no one will hold him accountable. Just like the former guy.

Bowen doesn’t have kids. If he did he would know better. He has no experience in education. If he did he would know better. We need to elect someone else.

From the Texas Attorney General’s office concerning Christine Parizo

January 26, 2022

Ugh. Don’t give her any ideas. They suggest Parizo file a complaint with the Secretary of State. This is in reference to Parizo getting escorted out of the CCISD Board meeting. 

More Dicks running for office as republicans

January 18, 2022

Eric Dick, the current Harris County Department of Education Trustee, is now running for Harris County Treasurer giving up his seat. His wife, Danielle Dick, is now running for his vacant seat. She has filed an Appointment for Treasurer for Joe Synoradzki the same treasurer Eric uses. Joe works at the Dick Lawfirm.

Danielle will probably use the same method of fundraising Dick has used, that is self financing. Dick over the last few elections has not raised much money depending upon his own personal funds to litter the city with Dick pics signs. Hopefully she will learn from her husband’s mistakes and will not use deceptive mailers implying she is being endorsed by elected officials that will never endorsed her or Dick.

Do one likes a dick. Don’t be a dick:

Dick has a preliminary hearing scheduled at the end of this month in front of the Texas Ethic Commission for his deceptive media content. As you might remember Dick paid for a mailer to the African American community during the 2019 City Council runoff. This mailer did not have the required “Political ad paid for by…” statement. It also looked like prominent Black elected officials such as former President Barack Obama, Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, and others were endorsing his run for Houston City Council. 

Another Harris County Republican lost his job due to racist comments

January 17, 2022

What the living f*ck has happened to the Harris County Republican Party? (you know the answer)

Another republican from the Harris County Republican Party has lost their job due to making racist comments. Cy-Fair ISD Trustee Scott Henry, who was endorsed by the Harris County Republican Party, made racist comments at his first school board meeting. He has now lost his job with a software company out of California. Henry has since removed his campaign website and all his social media account. I would bet he will be resigning from Cy-Fair ISD soon.

Back in 2020 the newly elected chair of the Harris County Republican Party, Kieth Nielsen, made a racist post concerning a Martin Luther King quote. That racist quote cost him his position as the Planning Commissioner of Pasadena. He later resigned as chair.

Former City Councilman Greg Travis, another HCRP republican, also make racist comments. City Council couldn’t remove him from his committee assignments because he had already resigned many months before. They also couldn’t fire him and since he is self employed he wouldn’t fire himself. Unfortunately his so called “conservative” buddies on City Council, Knox, Kubosh, and Martin said nothing, did nothing. They sat quietly while Travis eventually quit….to run for State Representative.

Good luck with the job hunt.

And…..this is how to respond to racist comments by elected officials

January 16, 2022

Cy-Fair ISD Trustee Scott Henry, who was endorsed by the Harris County Republican Party, made racist comments at his first school board meeting. He has now lost his job with a software company out of California. From KHOU:

CYPRESS, Texas (KTRK) — The Cypress Fairbanks ISD trustee at the center of a viral video in which he linked Black teachers to poor school performance is out of a job, according to Splunk.

Splunk, which is an IT company, shared the news of Scott Henry no longer being an employee in response to a tag on Twitter.

Henry could have immediately issued a statement sincerely apologizing for his comments and he could have been spared but he had another problem. Turns out his social media account was chock full of divisive comments. He has since cancelled all of his accounts.

And he has since been cancelled from his job. 

When you tolerate racism in elected officials. Cy-Fair ISD Trustee Scott Henry

January 13, 2022

Remember Houston City Council Member Greg Travis? He was the one that quit all of his committee assignments leaving the work to his colleagues. He then quit to run for State Representatives. He was also under fire for making racist comments with many asking him to resign. City Council eventually took no action and he is now running for higher office.

Cy-Fair ISD Trustee Scott Henry, who was endorsed by the Harris County Republican Party, is following in the footsteps of Greg Travis claiming that a more diverse teacher population leads to lower performance. “The more black folk the worse the grades are.” Ok, he didnt say it in that way but from the Houston Chronicle:

“Do you know what the statewide percent is for Black teachers? 10 percent. Houston ISD, which I’ll use to shine an example, you know what their average percentage of Black teachers is? 36 percent. I looked that up. You know what their dropout rate is? 4 percent. I don’t want to be 4 percent. I don’t want to be HISD. I want to be a shining example. I want to be the district standard. I want to be the premium place where people go to be.”

Well he should of just said “The more black folk the worse the grades are.” because that is what he said. Mayor Turner, County Judge Hidalgo and others have called for him to resign. And he should. This is an opportunity to make a huge statement to any closet racist.

And present them from ever running for office again.

What republicans really think about teachers. (They said it out loud)

January 11, 2022

Michael Quinn Sullivan is a kingpin of the Texas Republican Party. Like trump he “tells it like it is” but unfortunately he did it publicly, as in out loud. What Greg Abbott says in his inside voice Sullivan just states what the party really thinks about public education and our Texas teachers. Greg Abbott and other leaders of the party are silent because it is hard to distance yourself from the actual beliefs of your party.

Maybe this will finally convince teachers that the Republican Party isn’t their friend and maybe, just maybe, they will stop voting for the damn idiots.

Qanon republicans call for the resignation of the CCISD Superintendent

December 11, 2021

The next board meeting and community input ought to be another shit show. It will be truly embarrassing. According to the Houston Chronicle:

A group of Clear Creek ISD parents are calling for the district’s superintendent to resign less than a year into his tenure, saying he has put into place lessons that indoctrinate students with “anti-white” sentiment, an accusation that appears to have followed him from his last job in Virginia.

Eric Williams came to Clear Creek in February from Loudon County Public Schools in northern Virginia, which has become a national flashpoint of right-wing activism over “critical race theory.”

This “group” are the Qanon republicans in the district. The kids in school have more common sense, dignity, and respect for other people than they do. Truly god awful people. Our school board should be making decisions about our students based upon science, education, and accounting principles. Something the Qanon people have no interest in. They thrive on chaos. They enjoy disrupting. Its what they live for.

They probably can’t even spell CRT. The district has stated, over and over and over again the following:

“CRT is not in our curriculum and it’s not in our instructional resources. In fact, our board adopted a policy prohibiting district resources from doing any sort of scapegoating or stereotyping based on race.”

CRT is a graduate course. It is not taught in undergraduate school, or in high school, or in middle school, or elementary school, or kindergarten. Most Qanon republicans don’t know what CRT is and those that do don’t really care. It is all about chaos. Wide eyed, pitch fork carrying, meth head, Qanons.

This is the Republican Party.

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