Caught on Paper. CCISD Candidate Peter Lauzon on gays, school vouchers, and more

In an article with the Houston Chronicle, candidate for CCISD Trustee, Peter Lauson claims to want to take politics out of the school board. Unfortunately we have him on video and now in ink saying the exact opposite.

Lauzon is a former member of the State Republican Executive Committee (SREC). He helped draft and voted to approve the Republican platform. The platform is what his party, and he, believes in. It outlines their goals and intentions and it is NOT in the best interest of the parents, teachers, and students of CCISD. If elected this is what you can expect from him as a Trustee. Here are just some of the high[low]lights of his platform. The entire platform can be read here.

155. Homosexuality: Homosexuality is an abnormal lifestyle choice. (How are teachers, parents, students, staff, who are gay or who have loved ones who are gay and attend CCISD suppose to interpret this statement coming from a candidate for Trustee?)

31. Prayer, Bible, and Ten Commandments in Schools: We support prayer, the Bible, and the Ten Commandments being returned to our schools, courthouses, and other government buildings. (What kind of prayer? Islam? Buddhist? or just the word of Jesus Christ their savior?)

101. School Choice: Texas families shall be empowered to choose from public, private, charter, or homeschool options for their children’s education, and the funding shall follow the student without strings attached. (ie Vouchers)

103. Parents’ Rights in Education: Parents are the primary educators and disciplinarians of their children, to which all other entities are inferior. (As if parents know better than teachers in education matters)

106. Inappropriate and/or Harmful Content: We request that the Texas Legislature pass legislation that requires Texas schools and libraries to filter inappropriate and/or harmful content, such as pornography, for minors. (This is already done but they want to ban anything that references the gay community. See 155 above)

108. Religious Freedom and Public Schools: We urge school administrators and officials not to infringe on Texas school students’ and staffs’ rights to pray and engage in religious speech, individually or in groups, on school property without government interference. (That is already done.)

112. American Identity: We favor strengthening our common American identity, which includes the contribution and assimilation of diverse racial and ethnic groups. We reject Critical Race Theory as a post-Marxist ideology that seeks to undermine the system of law and order itself and to reduce individuals to their group identity alone. We support legislation to remove this ideology from government programs, including education involving race, discrimination, and racial awareness. 

115. Bilingual Education: We encourage non-English-speaking students to transition, via best practices, to English within two years, allowing them to quickly assimilate and succeed in American society. (As opposed to learning multiple languages to compete in a global environment)

123. Withdraw from Taxpayer-Funded Lobby Groups Like TASB: Local independent school districts should sever all ties with taxpayer funded lobby groups including the Texas Association of School Boards (TASB), the Texas Association of School Administrators (TASA), and the Texas Association of Community Schools (TACS). 

This is who Peter Lauzon is. This is what he voted for. This is what he believes in. The only way he should come close to a school is if he bought a ticket to a school carnival.

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