Missing Campaign Finance reports: Danielle Dick

October 20, 2022

Danielle Dick is running for Harris County Department of Education. Her husband, Eric Dick, is currently on the board but will leave in January to pursue other interests. He ran unsuccessfully for the Harris County Republican nomination for County Treasurer. Even the Republicans had enough of Dick.

Last March Dick was fined $30,000 by the Texas Ethics Commission, which at the time was the 2nd highest fine in TEC history, for various reasons. His final order can be reviewed here. Usually complaints like Dick’s end in a slap on the wrist, a small fine, and a promise not to do it again. Unfortunately for Dick it ended in a large fine and the TEC referred him to the Texas Bar for possible disciplinary action.

Joe Synoradzki according to LinkedIn works at the Dick Law Firm. He is also the treasurer for Dick’s campaign and at this point should know the rules of the Ethics commission inside and out. He is also the treasurer for Eric’s wife Danielle and as of today has not filed an campaign finance report which was due earlier this month.

Usually not filing a timely report ends with a slap on the wrist, a small fine, and a promise not to do it again. Let’s see how this one plays out.


The signs of a reborn Republican Party. This is who they are.

October 5, 2022
Democrat’s signs in Fort Bend

You won’t see republican leadership denounce the defacing of political signs in Fort Bend and it Houston just like they have refused to denounce the racist comment made by trump towards Mitch McConnell’s wife, Elaine Chao. They are silent. They have been ever since trump became their nominee. They not only tolerate racism, sexism, stupidity, corruption, and acting like a bunch of dicks, they encourage it. They think it is funny and have a silent laugh about it.

This is who they are. This is the new Republican Party. Racists, homophobic, Korrupt, Khaotic, and Kruel. The return of the KKK.

Republican sugar daddy jumps into the Harris County Commission race

September 30, 2022

Candidate for Harris County Judge, Alexandra MAGAt Mealer, is getting a bump in funding from one of the many sugar daddies of the Republican Party.

In the last filing period, County Judge Lina Hidalgo reported fundraising over $1 Million with 70% coming from small donors. MAGAt Mealer, on the other hand, raised $765,000 with just 7 individuals providing 67% of her total fundraising.

MAGAt Mealer’s donations came from the major sugar daddies of the Republican Party such as David Weekley the homebuilder and founder of Texans for Lawsuit Reform (Deform) and Mattress MAGAt Mack. According to a leaked email MAGAt Mealer will be getting a $5 Million boost from David Weekley which should be reported in the next week or so.

Mealer is a typical republican. She is an election denier (unless her team wins) and is a liar much like Trump, Abbott, Cruz, and other republicans and she will be loyal servant to the NRA. Campaign finance reports will be filed next week.

Harris County Republican Commissioners. Korrupt. Kruel. Khaotic.

September 20, 2022
From the Houston Chronicle

Leave it to the two white guys, Commissioner Cagle, and Commissioner Ramsey, on the Harris County Commissioners Court to block a vote on the budget they agreed to just to sow Khaos. According to the Houston Chronicle:

Harris County employees will forgo planned raises and cost of living adjustments if the 2023 budget adopted at Commissioners Court this week goes into effect, according to an email sent by County Administrator David Berry to department heads.

The smaller spending plan was adopted after the Republican members skipped Tuesday’s Commissioners Court meeting, forcing the court’s three Democrats to adopt the same budget as last year rather than a proposed budget that included around $100 million in additional general fund spending, much of it spread across county law enforcement agencies.

This is what the Republican Party has become, the new KKK. Korrupt. Kruel. Khaotic. The lead attorney representing the State of Texas, Ken Paxton, is under multiple criminal indictments awaiting trial. Governor Abbott has illegally lured immigrants, who enter the United States legally under international law, with false promises and bussed them out of state. And the republican members of the Commissioners Court decided not to show up for work leading to Khaos and the adoption of a budget that will affect Harris County employees. This is Korruption. This is Kruelty. This is Khaotic.

This is the new party. This is the old party. The KKK. My gosh. What the *uck is wrong with you?

Harris County MAGAt Candidate calls for 1,000 new police officers (non-paid)

September 9, 2022

The Houston Police Officer’s Union might want to reconsider it’s endorsement for Harris County Judge. According to Houston Public Media candidate Alexandra Mealer wants to hire 1000 new county police. Unfortunately she doesn’t have the money to pay them but she promises she will find it. Her promises are about as valuable as an endorsement from the HPOU who have endorsed past winners like Tony Buzbee for Major.

HPOU is just recovering from their previous President’ screwup when he blamed and threatened Black Lives Matter on live TV after a raid which seriously injured 4 officers. The raid, after investigations, has resulted in the leader of the raid being charged with multiple felonies and cases being thrown out and overturned. Mealer might want to put a bit of distance between her and HPOU.

Much like Trump and Abbott Mealer is depending upon one proven principal when conducting her campaign. Lie. Lie like a dog. And do it daily. Lie about everything like claiming Harris County does not prioritize safety. As reported:

Mealer accused current county leaders of failing to prioritize public safety in the county’s short fiscal year $1.3 billion budget — despite nearly 70% being focused on public safety.

Mealer will lie about violent crime which has been coming down. She will lie about the budget. She will lie about “Backing the Blue” all while she supports the insurrectionist of Jan 6, Donald Trump, and Greg Abbott flooding the streets with military style weapons that law enforcement must face every day.

Like every MAGAt republican running for office, she is just a Texas sized liar.

After flooding Harris County with guns, republicans complain about….gun violence

August 24, 2022

The Harris County Republican Party should be sued by the Society of Hypocrites in Texas (SHIT) for defecation of character.

This is all the republicans have left. They are truly nothing but a bunch of lying, hypocritical, racist, gun toting, bible thumping, pathetic, losers. Case in point. Yesterday the Harris County Republican Party along with the State’s Comptroller, after flooding the state with guns, allowing 18 year olds to buy assault weapons, high capacity clips, armor piercing bullets, and silencers, they are now blaming the Democrats for…wait for it… rising crime and defunding law enforcement. According to the Houston Chronicle:

Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar this week accused Harris County commissioners of defunding local constables and threatened to prevent the county from implementing its proposed 2023 budget if the county does not reverse course.

The issue is about how Constables can roll unused funds back into their budgets with no questions asked. It’s a policy that is not practiced in any government entity in Texas. In fact:

“This practice was unique to Harris County and is not the practice of other local governments,” he said. “Under the current policy, departments, including the Constable’s Offices, can request the use of unspent funds on vehicles, equipment, and other one-time expenses. The County has continued to support these investments.”

So to be clear, republicans are just fucking losers.

Raising Campaign Cash: Harris County Commissioner Adrian Garcia

July 25, 2022

Harris County Commissioner Adrian Garcia easily beat his opponent in the Democratic Primary by 60 percentage points and will face former Commissioner Jack Mormon in the general election.

In this period covering 1/20/22 to 6/30/22 Garcia raised $787,949, spent $675,976, has no outstanding loans, and has a Cash on Hand balance of $1,897,179. Of the $787,949 about $160,000 came from 15 donations of $10,000 or more. The highest donation was $15,000. These donations account for about 20% of his entire fundraising for the quarter. 

Garcia’s opponent raised only $63,144 during the same period.

Raising Campaign Cash: Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo

July 25, 2022

Yeow! The report submitted by Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo for the period covering 2/20/2022 to 6/30/2022 was so large (over 800 pages) it would not download from the site. I was able to obtain a copy nevertheless. Not only is Hidalgo running for re-election she is also a marathon runner and she is running away in the fundraising campaign.

In this period Hidalgo raised $1,150,804, spent $569,065, has an outstanding loan of $1400, and has a Cash on Hand balance of $1,983,697. Of the $1,150,804 about $290,000 came from donations of $10,000 or more. The highest donation was $30,000. These donations account for about 25% of her entire fundraising for the quarter. Her opponent raised 70% of her total fundraising from just 7 individuals including 4 who gave $100,000 each.

The rest of her report was littered with 800 pages of small donations. The reports provided by the County Commission is not like the Texas Ethics Commission where a spreadsheet could be downloaded and analyzed. It is difficult to analyze due to the volume of pages and donations. (but I did it for you!)

In contrast, during her run in 2018 Hidalgo raised about $183,000 in her January 2018 report. 

Raising Campaign Cash: Jack Mormon for County Commissioner Pct 2

July 25, 2022

Even with a poor accounting of fundraising, never “misunderestimate” the power of money in the Republican Party. With the party flush with billionaires and millionaires and with no limits on the amount of a contribution, Mormon could easily be right back in the game with just one single $1million donation. But not today. Not today.

In his July report Mormon raised $63,144, spent $19,585 and has a Cash on Hand balance of only $69,638. He has no outstanding loans. His largest donor was Richard Weekley for $9606. Weekley could easily drop a $1Million on his general election and just might. Other than that he had a very weak reporting period. His opponent in the runoff raised only $46,150. His opponents in the primary also had very weak fundraising results.

Mormon will face Commissioner Adrian Garcia who raised over $700,000 in the same period and has almost $2 Million Cash on Hand for the general election.

Judge Lesley Briones responds to negative ads

May 13, 2022

That was quick!

Judge Briones, candidate for Harris County Commissioner, responded to a negative Facebook ad posted by her opponent in the Democratic Primary Runoff, Benjamin Chou. Chou created a Facebook page, Organization to Elect Better Leaders, as well as a twitter account which has 0 followers. According to the page the OTEBL “The mission of the Organization to Elect Better leaders is to make transformative change in our political system by electing ethical leaders.” The hypocrisy makes hypocrites look bad. 

According to Briones Chou might have violated a number of Ethics Commission rules such as not putting on a “Political Ad paid for by…” disclosure on the ad, not registering as a PAC, not appointing a treasurer, and not identifying the source of donations. Now I believe if the amount spent is below $500 for the entire campaign these rules may not apply but then again I do not know about PACs. Whoever is advising him should read the rules of the Ethics Commission. His Facebook page and account was created by Human Age Digital who should also know the rules of the Commission.

This entire mess looks like a rookie campaign.

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