Still paying for the toll roads

I just noticed the cost to travel Beltway 8 from I45 south to I10 costs $5.25, $1.75 for each leg. Just a few months ago it was only $1.50, nearly a 20% increase. So where are the outraged protesters with their misspelled signs demanding lower taxes? No where. You have to give credit to the Harris County Commissioners. They know that slowly and steadily increasing a toll, for a road that has already been paid for, would be tolerated by the public, creating a load of money for their general revenue funds.

Take a minute to watch an undercover report by Wayne Dolcefino where he claims the toll roads have been paid for many times over. So why are they continuing to collect tolls and to increase the cost of the tolls? The answer is simple. The “fiscally conservative” gang of Commissioners can boast that they are managing the county without a tax increase, when in fact they are collecting millions of new taxes that toll road drivers tolerate.
Texas consumers are suckers and our elected officials at the County know it.

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