Space Center Blvd aka Pothole Alley?

Is it just me?

I drive on Space Center Blvd from Pineloch to Bay Area Blvd twice a day, Monday thru Friday, and it seems there’s not a day without a new pothole either being fixed or developing.

Just north of the corner of Space Center and El Dorado on the right lane going north there is a perpetual pothole capable of swallowing a small car. (Luckily in Clear Lake everyone drives SUVs the size of a small tank then complains about the high cost of gasoline and the stench in the air. Go figure) If you don’t see it today, wait a few days, it will come back.

The stretch from Clear Lake City Blvd to Pineloch isn’t much better. Driving south on this stretch is like a roller coaster making it impossible to drink coffee while driving. This road has been repaired more times than Lindsay Lohan’s reputation. Maybe a permanent fix is in order?

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