The doom of the dome nears

In November those who vote in Harris County will decide to put the Houston Astrodome out of its misery. From KHOU:

Harris County voters will determine the fate of The Astrodome in a bond referendum on the November ballot, a $217 million plan to convert the dome into a convention and exhibit facility. The Harris County Sports and Convention Corporation put forth the proposal after rejecting a number of privately-submitted proposals that it decided weren’t financially feasible.

I doubt the voters are going to buy the $217 Million plan for something they would probably never use and there just isn’t any excitement or movement to save the Dome.

I can remember some great games like when we played the Phillies in the 1980 playoffs.  I stood in line for half a day with a case of beer shared amongst those in line. My high school buddy, Pete, and I bought tickets to game 4 and 5 with the hope of buying a ticket to the World Series. Needless to say, it didn’t happen but that was a great game 4 and 5! I still have my tickets from the game on my wall. See a recap below:

There were other memories, like when I lost my car in the parking lot after an Oilers game. That wasn’t fun. Or having season tickets to the Oilers in the first level of the endzone. And who could forget the Dome Foams, the giant beers served in cups the size of a large popcorn? And the scoreboard?

But, that will be over come November. Voters are not going to pay $217 Million for a convention center that they will never use. It just isn’t going to happen and most probably that is just what Judge Ed Emmett wants. He doesn’t seem to be enthusiastic about the bond election.

Maybe he has other ideas for his buddies.

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