There's no place for Dome

I believe most of Harris County Commissioners are not interested in saving the Astrodome, but are interested in saving face by acting like they are interested in saving the Astrodome. As a perfect example take the horrible ad they created to encourage voters to vote for the $217 Million referendum to save the Astrodome from being demolished:

Insert Ad Here

Well shit! I can’t even find the damn commercial that some ill funded PAC, endorsed by Judge Ed Emmitt, produced. Hell if a blogger can’t find a video to make fun of, then it probably can’t be found by anyone wanting to make fun of it. It’s not that I haven’t seen it. I have, and it sucks. It relies on people’s sentimental value of the Dome and not much else especially what we will get for $217 Million!

Living in Clear Lake I have not seen commercials advocating for the Astrodome. I haven’t seen the Facebook ads. I haven’t seen a tweet calling to SAVE THE DOME! I haven’t seen the multi-colored door hanger. If the County Commissioners were really that interested in saving the Astrodome they would have done something substantial to do so. They didn’t.

And there is now no place for Dome. Mission accomplished. Face saved. Dome gone.

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