Who is running for Chair of the Harris County Democratic Party?

Inquiring minds what to know.

Lane Lewis is stepping down as Chair of the Party. I’ve heard a couple of names being kicked around and confirmation of a few. The Chair has a number of responsibilities such as raising significant amounts of money for the Party, finding and training candidates to run for office, and my favorite, running a coordinated campaign concentrating on straight ticket voters.

I personally would like to see a coordinated campaign with all volunteers trained to use the latest technology. I would like to see the satellite offices being run as if they were an extension of the Party HQ. I would like to see a plan for the campaign with analysis, goals, schedules, and everyone knowing where we are going, how we are getting there, and how we know when we get there.

The position of the Chair has a huge responsibility. It’s not a position for a rookie. It requires experience in the field, behind the desk, and the ability to reach out to the diverse community of the Democratic Party.

It’s early but here is my blunt and uninformed take on those who are running or rumored to be running:

Lillie Schechter. Lillie brings a lot of experience to the table in fundraising capability, field, and politics in general. She should be seriously considered.

Eartha Jean Johnson. I haven’t heard of Eartha before but based upon her resume she recently sent via email she has some good credentials. Another one to watch.

Rony Escobar. This is not an office for a rookie. There is little if any on the job training. You have to love his enthusiasm but this is a very serious position that requires a very serious candidate.

Dominique Davis. I believe Dominique has worked at the HQs before but she might want to consider running for the Executive Director before jumping onto the Chair. Baby steps. Baby steps.

Chris Spellman. I do not know Chris.

Art Pronin.  Art was great as the Club President for Meyerland Democrats but the jump to Chair might be a bit too big.

Anyone else running? Charles Kuffner has his own take on it. Maybe the party will have a candidate forum in the near future.

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