For Harris County Democratic Party Chair: Lillie Schechter

When I first heard Lillie Schechter was considering running for the Chair of the HCDP I said “You can’t go wrong with Lillie”. Today I can still say it.

Pic From Off the Kuff

Democrats concerned about the continuing success of the Party in the 2018 and 2020 elections cannot go wrong with Lillie. I hope precinct chairs, who are responsible for selecting a new chair, would strongly consider her.

Against a couple of very well qualified candidates Lillie stands above the rest for a number of reasons. Her activism in campaigns starting on the ground turned into a successful political consulting firm helping progressive candidates on all levels of a campaign. The Party will be served well by a Chair that understands campaigns including planning, strategy, technology, activism, and compliance with election laws. What stands out to me is her experience in fundraising and her vast connections with the Democratic community. HCDP has the responsibility to run a coordinated campaign which demands experience in campaigns it also requires money and someone who has the ability to raise significant amounts of it. Lillie has this experience.

In the political world where the average age of participants is about 60, Lillie can’t be consider a young upcoming political activist. She is young but she has been involved and active for many years and has the experience and knowledge necessary to carry this Party in the next elections.

Precinct Chairs have a great opportunity to continue and expand the success of our Party with Lillie Schechter as the Chair of Harris County Democratic Party.

John “I turn 61 in March” Coby

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