Recap of the forum for Chair of the Harris County Democratic Party

First the niceties:

Kudos to Sherrie Matula and those who conducted this forum. It was very well done! And kudos to the candidates and especially the standing room crowd who were respectful to the moderator and the candidates. Great job Democrats!

Now let’s get down to it:
This forum whittled down the competition to two young women, Dominique Davis and Lillie Schechter. (Notice, I am  biased but lets give credit where credit is due.) Precinct Chairs should look closely at their resumes and experience.

The others bring their own lists of accomplishments and experience but fall short of being able to successfully manage the Democratic Party of the 3rd largest county in the nation. It is hoped, if they are not selected, they will volunteer their services to move the Party forward.

Lark and Spellmon. Neither have the necessary experience within the party or the understanding of responsibilities of the Chair. Hopefully they will use their experience to volunteer for the party and help us move forward, if not elected.

Johnathon Miller. Young and energetic is a great key to leading the party but it’s not enough. Miller has a full time job, has little experience in the skills needed for the job. The job requires being able to respond to issues and incidents with little or no advanced warning. It also requires extensive knowledge of the running of a campaign and ethics laws in Texas. This is not a position for on the job training. Hopefully his enthusiasm for the party will continue as a Precinct Chair and volunteer for the Party.

Eartha Johnson. I was impressed with her resume but I was very disappointed in the lack of participation in Party politics. Well spoken and well financed (I hope she has filed the correct ethics reports) she presented herself well, but the glaring lack of experience in the Party was overwhelming. Before running for chair of the Party, you really should be part of the Party and know what the Party is responsible for. Again, let’s hope she will use her experience to move our Party forward.

Keryl Douglas. Keryl passed out a very lenthy, 8 page resume. It was too long to read. Her past experience with the GLBT community during her run for Chair in 2012 is very troubling and should disqualify her.

That leaves Lillie Schechter and Dominique Davis. As Mr Lark said, “Do the google” and vote March 6th.

NOTE: I have endorsed Lillie Schechter for Chair.

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