Video of SD13 candidate forum for HCDP Chair. And it aint good.

The disappointment continues.

Start the video  at 47:00

A video of the candidate forum from SD13 for the Chair of the Harris County Democratic Party has been posted on Facebook. It raises questions about some of the candidates concerning the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO) and those who opposed it.

Take a minute to review the video starting at 47:00. The question was asked if the candidates supports HERO followed by if as Chair would they accept money from anti-HERO donors. As I said, I was disappointed in the answers provided, especially by Eartha Johnson.

Eartha rambled on referring to the “bathroom” issue which was just a very small part of the ordinance. The HERO opposition successfully branded the ordinance the “bathroom” bill and distracted their mindless followers from the real purpose of the HERO. Johnson clearly was ignorant of the issue and would have been better off just stating so. Following the lead of Keryl Douglas, she  stated she would follow the “will of the people”.

Following the will of the people is good for deciding a budget or whether to have a cake sale, but not for deciding equal rights. This showed an incredible amount of ignorance on those who used the “Will of the people” excuse including Johnson, Lark, and Douglas.They also said they would accept money from anti-HERO donors including the most hateful of them all Dave Wilson, Jared Woodfill to name a few. It’s much like accepting money from the KKK.

Our gay community has supported the Democratic Party with their money, ther time, and their extrodinary effort on many campaigns. They are are friends, our relatives, and our fellow Democrats. They deserve our respect, gratitude, and friendship.

And we all deserve a Chair of the Harris County Democratic Party who respects this.

Note: Lille Schechter and Johnathon Miller were the only candidates who were clean on their support for HERO and said no on the donations. Dominique Davis did not answer because she was late.

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