Raising Campaign Cash: Texas Congressional Districts

Today is the last day for reports to be filed for Federal races. Some reports have been filed already, some have not. Some have an incredible amount of money especially in Congressional District 7, some have an incredible lack of money especially in Congressional District 7. Hopefully by tomorrow numbers will be posted for CD2, CD7, CD29, and CD36 to give primary voters a look at who can be viable in the general election.

Over the past month or two forums across the county have focused on questions about the environment, immigration, health care and taking control of the trump administration, but few questions have been asked about the viability of the multiple campaigns. This is a very serious question. Candidates running for an office should be able to say how many votes they need to win in the primary and the general, how much money they need to win these votes, and how they intend to raise the money necessary to win.

Running for office isn’t a game. Lives are literally at stake. It is serious business and requires pre-filing analysis. Candidates should have either a large amount of money or a very large army of volunteers, based upon the office running for, or a combination of both. A combination of both is most probably the best bet to win. Candidates need money to introduce themselves to the community, to buy literature, to pay staff, to buy resources like internet access, signs, media buys, and campaign headquarters. If you can’t get your message out you can’t expect voters to vote for you.

So. Tomorrow we Count de Monet.

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