For Chair of the Texas Democratic Party: Gilberto Hinojosa

Current Chair for the Texas Democratic Party, Gilberto Hinojosa is running for re-election. Delegates to the Texas Democratic Convention should give him your vote. Again.

Texas has become a breeding ground for bad legislation, bad legislators and the lies that are required to sell the half baked ideas and candidates to the public. Unfortunately it works and it’s hard to fight. Believing a simple minded slogan is much harder than reading and understanding a difficult problem and solving it. It makes it very difficult to lead in this state.

Our party is in for another tough election in 2018. We will face voter discrimination, harassment, purging, and attacks by foreign countries. In order to move towards blue the party needs strong leadership and money. Hinojosa can provide both. Leading a party is a very tough job especially in Texas but once again Hinojosa has volunteered to take that position. Hinojosa has served as Chair since 2012.

Although Cedric Davis has been a mayor before, I see no indication that he can provide the fundraising effort required for a state party or that he has the necessary experience. The other two who have applied for the position do not have the qualifications required for Chair of the party.

Gilberto Hinojosa for Chair of the Texas Democratic Party.

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