Day 2 wrap up at the Texas Democratic Convention

Well when someone says “The Democrats have to run on something beside attacking trump” you should tell them “You are full of crap!”.

Ok. Don’t say that but the point is that I don’t think I heard trumps name during any presentation I attended. No one called him politically ignorant, even though he is. No one called his a liar, even. though he is. No one called him a lying racist, even though he proved that this past week. And no one called his an asshole even though we they wanted to. No one, except me, called trump a politically ignorant, lying, racist, asshole of a human being. No one came close. In fact I do not believe his name was even mentioned.

Instead they talked about the issues everyone should be concerned with, immigration and healthcare are just two of the many. The Stop Gun Violence caucus was over flowing the large room allocated to them. The Environment Caucus had the same problem. The Women’s and Hispanic caucus were packed and the convention itself had a great attendance during an off year. We were talking about issues and how to make Texas and our country better for everyone.

No one can say we were not talking about what we would do to make Texans lives better because we were and we have and we will continue to do so. If you do not want to be an ignorant parrot of the Republican Party, go listen to the speeches. Or shut the hell up.

Lots of vendors attended the convention. Even some that should have like the Gun Nuts of Texas, School Vouchers for the Rich, and Constitutional Conference for republicans.

Lucky for delegates there are a number off restaurants within walking distance of the convention. Unfortunately I haven’t found a good one yet.

Beers for Beto.
Coming up!

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