Senate District 11 elections #TDP2018 #TDP18

After about 30 minutes of discussion on how SDEC Committee members are elected Susan Criss was elected for the female position and Quentin Wiltz was elected as the male member.

With new fresh members of the district attending, the usual way of electing our SDEC members will probably end in 2020. The best man and woman from the entire district needs to campaign and win the election. Our district needs to expand, grow and our SDEC members and chairs need to make this happen. We desperately need communications across the district and we need to unite as one district and not as 3 constantly competing against each other based upon where we live. It needs to stop.

I have offered to help with setting up an email list, Facebook page and/or a webpage. Other districts have it. We need to do the same.

Congrats to Susan and Quentin.

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