Gun Nut rally in Santa Fe misfires

From the Houston Chronicle

Oh this wasn’t what they expected. From the Houston Chronicle:

Organized by the San Antonio-based This Is Texas Freedom Force, the “Carry For Our Kids Rally” featured several speakers who presented arguments for arming teachers across Texas schools. 

“It’s a really good message,” said Denise Jaimes, 53. “They’re hitting it right on point. It’s just that there’s nobody listening.”

About 8 showed up. EIGHT. I think they were expecting hoards of gun nuts toting their favorite assault rifle. Unfortunately assault rifles are expensive and very few people, even in Santa Fe own them. The few who bothered to take their time to support their rights to walking around with a loaded weapon in public right after 10 students were killed at Santa Fe High School did so with style, and a dog. A little dog.

Only 35% of Texans own guns. Of those a very small amount own assault weapons. One of these days the other 65% will stand up and demand common sense gun measures.

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