Brian Babin in support of privatizing Social Security and Medicare

Just like trump, you can’t believe a damn thing coming out of his lying mouth. From his Facebook post to constituents:

It was an honor to receive the Guardian Award from the 60 Plus Association on Wednesday. Protecting and improving Social Security and Medicare is an issue I take seriously, and I will continue working hard to assure health and retirement security for senior citizens in Texas and across the country.

There is just one problem. The 60 Plus Association is a far white wing organization which pretends to be for the protection of Medicare and Social Security when in fact they want to privatize both. It is an organization funded by the Koch brother and other far white wing organizations. From Fact Check:

60 Plus advocates the permanent repeal of the estate tax (which it refers to as the “death tax”), opposes the Affordable Care Act, and supports creating personal retirement accounts within Social Security.

Babin is about as dishonest as trump. He has realized that lying to his constituents works and he will continue to do so. Can you imagine the hard on Wall Street has to get ahold of your Social Security account? And imagine what the insurance industry is thinking about charging an arm and leg for health care for the elderly?

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